Frequently asked questions

What kind of cuisine do you cook?

I am professionally trained to prepare a wide range of cuisines, from elevated Mexican cuisine, Mediterrannean, to Middle Eastern and more. Ask me if I can prepare your preferred cuisine or menu and the answer is probably yes.

What dietary restrictions can you accommodate?

All of the below:

  1. Nut and shellfish allergies
  2. Gluten-free or paleo diets
  3. Vegan or vegetarian
  4. Low sugar diets
Please, just ask in advance and I will come prepared.

Do you only cater events in St. Louis, MO?

Where did you have in mind? We can travel up to a few hours by car as long as lodging accommodations can be arranged. We have catered events all over the US when airfare has been provided.

Do you have a venue I can rent?

At this time, we are a traveling catering company. We come to you or any event space of your choosing. We know some event planners and locations that might be right for you. If you contact us to provide information about the size of your party we may be able to assist you.

Who taught you to cook?

My passion for cooking began in my mother's kitchen where I helped her and my grandmother from an early age. We made rich and complex dishes with fresh ingredients from my native Guanajuato, Mexico. I learned to grind dried chilis on a molcajete and metate for Mole, for example. My mother also instilled in me a generous and warm spirit that inspired me to pursue catering where I have the privilege of sharing in special occasions. I've also learned from the many mentors I've had over my career.

What number of courses is right for my event?

I prepare small plates so most parties happily dine on 4 to 7 courses. My menus usually begin with small bites, light soups, salads or tostadas, and build up to more rich dishes featuring mole and roasted meats. I tailor it to your preferences so you can enjoy all I have to offer and still crave my delicious desserts.

Would you donate to my non-profit event?

We donate to two organizations/events per year and prefer it if our contribution is sponsored by a third party. Please contact us to receive a survey and we will proceed in our consideration. Thank you for the work you do and we hope to support you to the best of our abilities.

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